Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Why ! Why ! Why !

hurm ..
kadang-2 .. rasa kehilangan .. kadang2 rasa kesunyian.. kadang2 rasa kegembiraan tue
dah tadak dalam hidup niy .. mybe smua owg nmpak happy jer .. 
tapi hakikat nya ? did anybody know about inside of my feeling? 
hurm .. i just wonder .. why it happend ? i wonder why we fall in love if our ending with sadness 

just think about it .. ! 
when i started to love you truhly,, why it happend to me !
why ! why ! why !
i done a lot of mistake .. yah .. i know it ..

please .. someone make me happy agains.. i just can't with my own ..

perlu ke aku ttap tggu owg yg ta pnah nk kenal cinta aku ?
perlu ke aku tggu ? aku taw aku byk buat salah .. 
tapi .. manusia ta lari dri buat salah..
i just ... hurm ... lets it over ..

aku dah ta buley nk hdup cmniy ...

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